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Learning Agreement

Partners' Institution
FEVEC - Federacion Valenciana De Empresarios De La Construccion
Directorate General for Education and Culture (DG EAC)
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Sending Institutions
Learning Agreement is a very important document for Erasmus+.
This document contains all necesary information of student, host organisation and sending organisation.
This document contains the following sections:
1. Information about the participants (home organisation; host organisation; learners and intermediary organisation)
2. Duration of the learning period abroad
3. The qualification being taken by the learner - including information on the learner’s progress (knowledge, skills and competence already acquired)
4. Description of the learning outcomes to be achieved during mobility
5. Assessment and documentation
6. Validation and recognition
7. Signatures
8. Additional information
9. Annexes
Learning agreement is signed by Learning agreement must be signed by Home organization / country Host organization / country Learner
Learning agreement is a very important and complete document for Erasmus + mobilities.
It is a document created by European Commission and it is a very good because have a lot of information in only document.
This document allows an agreement between all parties.
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