Kick off Meeting

Date: 19-12-2019 / 20-12-2019 Location: Florence (Italy)

The Kick-off meeting took place at Pixel site in Florence on 19 – 20 December 2019.
M Carmen Asensi, María Lladró Ortí and Andrea Peraldo presented the project and the activities to be carried out to the partners. The meeting was also an opportunity for the partners to get to know each other and to discuss all details related to the project expected results.
The partners discussed the implementation of the activities related to the creation of the testimonials and to the identification and review of tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Mobility Project management.
At the end of the meeting all the partners had a clear view of the project implementation, of the financial rules and of the dissemination and exploitation strategies.

1st Virtual Meeting (May 2020)

Date: 14-05-2020 Location: Online Meeting

The Second Meeting of the SoftMob project took place virtually on 14 May 2020 using the BlueButton platform. All the project partners joined the meeting in order to assess and discuss the project state of art. During the meeting the results of the interviews with the project stakeholders were analysed, together with the exemplary best practice tools for managing mobilities collected so far. The Project Portal and its main functionalities were presented, During the meeting the future steps for the creation of the Software for mobility management were also established.

2nd Virtual Meeting of the SoftMob project partnership

Date: 13-10-2020 Location: Virtual Meeting

The 2nd Virtual meeting of the SoftMob project partnership took place on 13 October 2020. The meeting focused on the analsyis of the Software Plan and the discussion of its main functionalities. The meeting was also an opportunity to carry out a check of the activities and products and for planning the next steps.