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Video Guides

The Video Guides provide guidance to the users for improving their effectiveness and efficiency in managing different key aspects of Mobility Projects according to the three main phases: preparation, implementation and follow up.

Each Video Guide is integrated with an explanation of its contents and when relevant by exemplary tools and useful documents.


Guide on needs analysis

The guide helps to identify the needs and expectations of the participants in the mobility.

Guide on the identification and selection of the participants

The Video Guides focuses on how to identify, contact and involve potential participants

Guide on mobility projects budget planning

The guide helps to appropriately setting up the budget of mobility projects

Guide on the selection of the participants

The guide helps to organise and implement the selection of those who will be participating in the mobility initiative


Guide on Mobility projects overview

The guide helps to reach a comprehensive understanding of a mobility project implementation process

Guide on participants preparation

The guide helps to prepare the participants before the start of their experience abroad

Guide on Financial and Administrative Management

The guide helps to setting up an efficient and effective process to monitor and keep track of the financial aspects during the mobility.

Guide on skills assessment

The guide helps to appropriately manage the skills assessment process during the mobility project.

Follow Up

Guide on the evaluation of mobility projects

The video guides mobility organisers in setting up an evaluation process to be able to detect errors. In this video tutorial also focuses on the satisfaction questionnaires.

Guide on Skills assessment

The guide helps to assess the skills at the end of the mobility project

Guide on Mobility Certificates

The guide helps creating certificates for the participants in an effortless and organized manner.

Guide on Dissemination

The video guides mobility organizers in setting up a dissemination process. In this video tutorial we will focus on how to make a dissemination and get the most out of it.