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The 2nd Virtual meeting of the project partnership was held

On 14 October project partners met virtually in order to further discuss the oputputs developed so far and focus on the finalisation of the software plan.


The Software plan has been defined!

The Sowftware plan has been defined and made available to project partners to be analysed, checked and commented on.
The Software plan and the feeback reports of the partners are made available in the results area (password protected).


Tools and templates for Mobility Management

The dedicate section hosting Tools and Templates for a more efficient and effective management of mobilities is now available!
All those that are involved in mobilities projects and initiatives can access to a collection of the most effective tools to be easily used to effectively and efficiently manage the different operative tasks that are part of a Mobility project.


Project brochure is now available in all languages

The project brochure is now available in all the languages of the project partnership. The different version of the brochure can be downloaded in printable format from


Second meeting of the SoftMob project was held virtually!

The Second Meeting of the SoftMob project took place virtually on 14 May 2020 using the BlueButton platform. All the project partners joined the meeting in order to assess and discuss the project state of art.


Interviews with stakeholders are accessible from the Portal

Within the dedicated section of the SoftMob Portal it is now possible to access the first set of the Video recording of the interviews with the protagonists of Mobility initiatives.
The interviews :
- Provide all those involved in Mobility initiatives with best practice solutions in addressing the challenge they experience in their everyday activities.
- Analyse specific needs in terms of possible functionalities to be implemented in the Software for Mobility Management


Interviews with stakeholders

Project partners are currently carrying out the interviews with the protagonists of Mobility initiatives in VET in order to understand their needs to be then answered through the Software for Moibility management. The interviews involve representatives of sending and hosting institutions, participants to mobility initiatives and companies.
The interviews address the following issues:
- Characteristics of the mobility project
- Impact of the mobility project and how it was measured
- Main point of strengths and weaknesses of the experience
- Challenges and problems faced and solutions adopted


The SoftMob Brochure is now available

The downloadable and printable english version of the SoftMob project brochure is now available at: . Soon the brochure will be available also in all the languages represented within the consortium.


The SoftMob Portal is now available

The Portal dedicated to the SoftMob project is now available. The Portal will host and provide access to the main deliverables of the project as the Software and Toolkit for Mobility through dedicated sections. The Portal will also provides updated information about the project activities and related results.


SoftMob First Partners Meeting

The Kick-off meeting took place in Florence on 19 - 20 December 2019. Mª Carmen Asensi, María Lladró Ortí and Andrea Peraldo presented the project and the activities to be carried out to the partners. The meeting was also an opportunity for the partners to get to know each other and to discuss all details related to the project expected results. The partners discussed the implementation of the activities related to the creation of the testimonials and to the identification and review of tools to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Mobility Project management. At the end of the meeting all the partners had a clear view of the project implementation, of the financial rules and of the dissemination and exploitation strategies.


SoftMob Project

The SoftMob – Software for Mobilities project has been funded by the European Commission through the Spanish National Agency - Servicio Español Para la Internacionalización de la Educación (SEPIE) with the aim of providing all actors playing a part in mobility projects and experiences with a platform to help them to reduce the administrative and management burden and concentrate on the quality of the contents.