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Testimonial of Rebecca Italy

Partners' Institution
Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
Thematic area covered
Mobility Follow Up
Participants to Mobility

Video interview created by Istituto Francesco Datini in Prato, as partner in the SoftMob – Software for Mobilities project. Thanks to an Erasmus plus Project, Rebecca has the opportunity to take part in a five-week internship in Braga, Portugal, from the 19th of november to the 20th december 2019. She was employed at a Travel Agency. The greatest difficulty she came upon before her departure for Portugal was the late communication – from the hosting institution – of the information and the details concerning her lodging and work place. She was able to overcome difficulties and obstacles thanks to the help of her tutor and her boss, that was very helpful: he clearly explained how to reach the agency and that allowed her to live a more peaceful experience. Even the use of technology (Google Maps and the Internet) were of great help and she think they are essential when living a new experience in a foreign country. 2019-1-ES01-KA202-064119: 2019-1-ES01-KA202-064119