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Partners' Institution
Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
Consorzio Istituti Professionali (Vocational Institutes Consortium)
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The tool is a sort of logbook to be filled in by the student taking part in the mobility
project. It takes into account the most relevant information concerning the transnational
internship, focusing on the points of strength and points of weakness the student meets
during his/her experience abroad.
The tool is divided into different fields to be filled in by the students at the end of each internship week in order to create a self-assessment instrument.
It helps the students to evaluate the type of activities they have carried out, the main
difficulties they have met and how they have tried to overcome them.
It also helps the students to analyze their personal and psychological reactions to the different situations they have lived and to determine their future goals.
A special section is dedicated to the last working days: this is a great point of strength, as it makes students think and consider all the improvement gained during the experience as far as personal and professional skills and team work skills.
The tool, thus, can be considered an effective instrument to foster students’ personal growth.
The tool can be used by participant students during the implementation phase of the mobility.
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