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Final event program

Partners' Institution
FEVEC - Federacion Valenciana De Empresarios De La Construccion
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Hosting Institutions / Intermediary organisations
When a project ends, the intermediary entity holds a results presentation event.
In this event they have the intervention of the intermediary entity, the vocational training centers and students who have participated in the project.
This event allows to know first hand the success of the project.
Opinions are exchanged with all the agents involved in the project to try to improve all aspects.
This document is the program of this event that is sent to everyone.
It is a document that details the program of the final event of the project.
The document is sent by email to all agents who have participated in the project and to students who may be interested in participating in an Erasmus + program the following year.
This tool allows you to see at a simple glance the program and all the necessary data to attend the event.
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