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Training Technical Assessment

Partners' Institution
Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
Istituto “F.Datini” - Prato
To be used for
Follow up
Useful for
Sending Institutions
The tool contains the following information:
- Information about company name/address/company tutor
- Detailed description of the company ( industry sector/ number of employees/ types of services provided)
- Job description
- Job schedules
- Company organization chart
- Staff roles and tasks
- Typical working day
- Working environment
- Type of customers/guests
- Communication, interpersonal relationship between employees/customers
The tool is particularly suitable for giving the sending institution a clear picture of the company’s reliability.
The tool gives full and detailed information on the working place and it helps participants in the mobility and the sending institution to focus on relevant aspects of the working place, otherwise ignored.
On the other hand, the tool doesn’t have a direct effect on the teachers involved, as far as the student’s school assessment is concerned.
The tool has a good impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of mobility management processes, as it provides a full portrayal of the company chosen for the mobility.
The tool can be used in the mobility follow up phase, as it allows the student’s self-assessment in relation to the most relevant technical features of the company where he/she has had his/her training experience. The tool can also be useful for the sending institution to focus on the company’s reliability.
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