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The tool has been produced for the participation to PON projects for schools_Skills and environments for learning 2014-2020. It deals with the information and request for consent to the processing of personal data of participants in PON projects. Such information is needed for the management of PON projects platforms, which collect all the data of students, school staff, experts and adults who, in various capacities, participate in the project activities. A detailed description of the different types of information/data is provided. It is also underlined that the responsible of the data collection is the Italian Ministry of Education, in particular its branch dealing with the management of Operational Programs financed with European Structural Funds. The purpose of the data collection, their use and storage period are also specified, as well as the data protection rights. The document then indicates the procedures to access the IT platforms of PON projects. A special section is dedicated to underage participants, where parents’ agreement is required, while, for adult participants a different type of agreement is needed.
The tool deals with a very thorny matter, such as the treatment of personal data, but it succeeds in making it in an appreciable way, making a constant reference to the laws regulating the matter and, above all, to the purpose of the data collecting. The tool is clear in the definition of all the aspects of the matter, with accurate definitions of roles/reasons/purposes of the actors involved. Even the explanation of the “cookies” policies is unquestionably given, with a distinction between “technical” and “ statistical” cookies. Another point of strength is represented by the two different agreement forms provided (for underage/adult participants). The tool can have a good impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of mobility management processes. It can be used in the preparation phase by sending institutions and participants
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