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Evaluation of the mobility

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Nicolas Georgiadis
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Evaluation is about summing up what worked and what did not work in a project and is an integral part of quality assurance. Evaluation is first and foremost concerned with the outcomes but also with the organisation of the activity. Even though evaluation is usually carried out after the activity, it needs to be planned beforehand. Much of the information you will need can often only be gathered in a specific window of time during the activity, and if you have not made provisions for this, the opportunity will be lost.
Evaluation is essential for mobility. An evaluation is a systematic process of collecting and analysing information about your project in order to find out what was achieved – whether you reached your objectives or not, and what functioned well and what functioned less well.
Even if it is a stand-alone activity that you are not planning to repeat, an evaluation of what you did and how you did it (and what came out of it) can be very helpful for others who are about to do something similar. It may mean that they avoid making the same mistakes as you did. Evaluations should therefore be read not only by those who were involved in the project, but also by “relevant others” who can benefit from your experiences.
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