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Financial Management Tool

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Epimorfotiki Kilkis
Nicolas Georgiadis
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The "financial management tool" is a tool created by Epimorfotiki Kilkis to help to monitor the expenses of mobility, in relation to the initial budget.
The first sheet contains the overall budget of the project (if there is more than one flow).
The second sheet contains the budget analysis of a specific flow. It includes the approved budget and the forecast (and in some cases the real cost) for the expenses in the hosting organisation's place.
The third sheet contains the real expenses, as they recorded by the responsible for the mobility (day by day).
The "Financial Management Tool" provides the sending organisation with a clear view of the financial situation regarding mobility at any time.
The person that is responsible for the mobility (participant or accompanying person) must fill the third sheet of the excel book every day to give a clear view to the responsible on the sending organisation.
By the provision of this essential information, the sending institution could make some corrective moves regarding the financial part of the mobility.
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