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FINAL SURVEY- JASSY Summer School 2019

Partners' Institution
Fundatia EuroEd
Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi
To be used for
Follow up
Useful for
Hosting Institutions / Intermediary organisations
The questionnaire was aimed at people who attended JASSY Summer School. The questionnaire consists of 14 mixed type items (4 grid type-with 3 or 4 possible answers), 3 linear type items (with scoring from 1-5) and 7 open questions.
The questionnaire seeks to identify the country of origin, studies, specialization, the module which the respondent attended in the mobility and how they learned about this opportunity (items 1-5).
Items 6-13 are focused on the degree of satisfaction that the mobility provides, from the perspective of the mobility learner. The questions concern the schedule, teaching and assessment methods, communication with lecturers and preferred activities, the organizational aspect (information received before arrival, accommodation, meals and field trip). Open questions invite respondents to present their perspective on the mobility, possible aspects to be improved and mention the top 3 teachers with whom they have interacted.
Item 13 requests the student’s permission to post responses on the official website of the host institution and item 14 gives them the option to exit anonymity and write their name.
Considering the mixed structure of the questionnaire, it collects real, authentic feedback
It gives respondents the opportunity to remain anonymous, if they wish
Asks respondents for permission to share feedback on social networks
Requires mobility participants to create a top 3 activities / favorite teachers
The questionnaire aims to assess the mobility in its entirety, even aspects which are not related to the management of the host organization (e.g. questions about local prices)

This form, being a complex one, may require more time to complete
This form is efficient, collects valuable information and can be successfully implemented in the follow-up stage. It can be used by the host organizations and it has a high transferability potential.
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