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Daily Training Evaluation Quetionnaire

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Fundatia EuroEd
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Hosting Institutions / Intermediary organisations
The assessment questionnaire is applied at the end of each training day and aims to assess mobility learners’ satisfaction related to: the content of the training, the quality of the trainers, materials, facilities and equipment and general feedback. There is also an item with suggestions for improvement, where mobility learners can present their opinions.
The questionnaire is comprised of 15 linear items and an open question.
• Strengths
• The fact that it is applied daily, when the information and impressions are fresh, gives the host organizations time to adapt to the feedback received.
• Under the protection of anonymity, it provides real feedback

• Weaknesses
• The linear scale is inversely placed in the questionnaire, the lowest value should be on the left (1-Very dissatisfied) and the highest value on the right (5 -Very satisfied).
The evaluation questionnaire can be used during the mobility implementation phase, applied daily, or at the end of each training session. It can be adapted to the specific mobility, having a high transferability potential.
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