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Feedback questionnaire

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Fundatia EuroEd
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Follow up
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Sending Institutions
The feedback questionnaire is applied to mobility participants by the sending organization. The questionnaire items are structured as follows:
The relevance of the project objectives for:
- Increasing the size of the project
- Decreasing school dropout
- Development of key European competences
Degree of satisfaction given by the assistance received in the country of destination
Consultancy previous to the mobility and during it
Financial support
Dissemination of the results
Project sustainability
- The feedback questionnaire also aims at assessing the access to the mobility (identification of channels)
- The questionnaire assesses the impact of both institutional and personal mobility

- Does not include an item detailing how mobility learners concretely contributed to the dissemination of project results
- The questionnaire includes only linear items (scoring within the range 1-5), without any open questions in which mobility learners can express their opinion freely, therefore responses are limited to predefined answers.

* Feedback questionnaires, in general, are a very useful tool for continuous improvement. In this case, the questionnaire is far too specific, based on the particular details of the project and therefore has its limits (mentioned above). The transferability potential of the questionnaire is low, it would be more useful to design a new feedback questionnaire than to adapt the one discussed.
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