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Mobility Agenda- E-Tutor international training

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The mobility agenda is a useful tool both for the host organization and for the mobility learners. Each of the sides involved knows exactly what to do, when and what expectations they have to meet. A well-structured agenda provides clarity and facilitates the entire mobility implementation process.
The agenda follows a five-day program, adapted to the needs of the group: the first day of training is dedicated to getting to know each other and begins in the second part of the day, from 15:30, since it was adapted to the arrival times of the mobility of learners. In the following 4 days, the training is scheduled to take place between 09:00 and 15:30, with well-distributed breaks.
• The Agenda is clear and easy to follow
• The name of the host institution and its address are listed in the agenda
• In the agenda you can find details about the mobility teachers (name, surname and position occupied)
• In the agenda, on Saturday at Visit at the Informal School of IT, the address is written – should there be mobility learners who want to come directly to the venue.
• A big plus is the social programme. The agenda is very balanced and covers social aspects and personal development, 3 out of 5 days having these activities in the program.

• There is no telephone number for emergency situations, but these details have been most likely included in other documents (e.g. in Practical information about the mobility area), but it would be useful for mobility learners to have it at hand.
• The mobility agenda shows that the host organization was well prepared for the mobility, warned about possible problems (we already mentioned the strong points - the important details available) and combined very well the training activities with the social programme.
This agenda model can be used successfully in the implementation phase of a mobility and has a high transferability potential. It can be adapted, according to the specific mobility, but not without respecting the structure or adapting it to the needs of the group.
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