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Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
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The document has the function of informing the families of students participating in the
project of the students’ rights and duties and of the responsibilities of the subjects involved in transnational mobility (Erasmus + program), relieving the leading proponent and the other subjects involved from responsibilities other than those indicated in the document
The document provides a clear frame of all the responsibilities of the families of students taking part in a transnational project.
The project, in this particular case, concerns Transnational Mobility in the Thermal and
Wellness sector - Erasmus+ KA1 VET Programme.
It is particularly detailed in the description of the criteria followed for the selection of the participating students and in the funding aspects.
Another point of strength is represented by the precise definition of the responsibilities of the school and the teachers involved, as well as the responsibilities of the student him/herself. The document seems to be really effective in the management of transnational mobility projects, exactly in its clear definition of roles and responsibilities of all the actors involved.
It can be used in the preparation phase of the mobility by sending institutions.
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