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Training Self-Assessment Review

Partners' Institution
Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
Istituto “F.Datini”
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Follow up
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The tool has been created for the students’ self-evaluation of his/her training experience.
It includes different sections.
The first one is the company description and the second one is the section concerning the training experience evaluation. The following aspects are considered:
- Activities the student has assisted to
- Activities the student has taken part in
- Staff the student has been in contact with
- Tools/equipment/methods the student has used
- Similarities/ Differences between working practice in the student’s country and working practice in the foreign country
- What mobility in the foreign country has been useful for the student’s key competences improvement
The main points of strength of this tool are the clarity and the distinctness of the different entries to be analyzed. The tool is particularly useful for teachers, as it allows the labelling of the different parts and the creation of a diagram of the whole experience pace.
A point of weakness might be a certain difficulty, for the participant in the mobility, to self- analyze and self-evaluate.
The tool can be used in the follow up phase of the mobility, as it allows the student’s self-assessment in relation to the training experience he/she has taken part in. The tool can also be useful for the teacher, as it summarizes the student’s training experience from the point of view of personal and professional growth.
The clarity and simplicity of the tool’s structure, make it easily usable in other contexts
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