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Participant’s Personal Details Database

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Istituto Professionale Di Stato Francesco Datini
INDIRE - Istituto Nazionale Documentazione Innovazione Ricerca Educativa
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The tool is divided into different sections. The first one includes the participant’s personal data (name, address, phone number, email, tax code). The second one gives information as far as the participant’s school career. The third one concerns the participant’s education and training career - possession of qualifications and/or certificates, with the details of the different types of courses attended and their sector, the number of hours covered by the courses, the type of qualification gained. Section four includes the possession of IT and foreign languages certificates, providing details of level/year when the certificate has been obtained. Section five includes information concerning the participant’s parents - educational qualifications and job. Section six concerns information on the participant’s household.
The tool is a very important instrument to be used in mobility projects funded by the European Structural Funds for PON - National Operating Programme - projects. Its main points of strength are the richness and the meaningfulness of the data collected, which give the different actors in the mobility projects a wide and deep portrait of the participant’s educational and training career.
Its weak aspect might be the section on the participant’s parents, which may be relevant only in the case of underage participants, while it might be unnecessary for adult participants.
On the whole, however, the tool is quite effective in the process of mobility management, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the project participant.
The tool can be used in the preparation phase of the mobility by sending and hosting institutions as well as by companies.
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